Q. About Us


TicketSave.com, via our ticket network, provides a resale ticket marketplace. Ticket resell prices and details are set by sellers and may differ from face value. TicketSave.com's ticket network acts as an intermediary between buyers and ticket sellers to facilitate the purchase and sale of event tickets, and TicketSave.com is not directly involved in the actual ticket listing or sale transaction between the buyers and ticket sellers. Our ticket network takes pride in offering a safe and secure online shopping experience. Our network is proud to guarantee customers that they will only find legitimate tickets. Our network also offers one of the most extensive seating selections available online. We know you have many options when shopping for tickets, and we appreciate your business.


Q. How can these tickets be cheaper, in most cases, than other leading secondary market sites?

A. Other leading secondary sites spend more on advertising; operational expenses; and thus need to charge more to the customer in order to recoup their costs.


Q. Are these the same seats that are listed on other sites?

A. In 9 out of 10 cases, these are the same exact tickets; and they are delivered to you in exactly the same way. In some cases, our network has more of a seat selection.


Q. How is the price of the tickets determined?

Ticket prices are influenced by supply and demand in the resale secondary marketplace. Fluctuation of prices are common, esp. since there are several hundred ticket sellers listing millions of tickets in real time. So the ticket price can be either more or less than the original price of the ticket with or without a discount. As noted in SmartMoney.com (Wall Street Journal), some ticket prices can drop up to 50% from the original price of the ticket as the event date approaches. Ticket sellers lower their prices in an attempt to sell their tickets and recoup some of their costs. Some of these tickets can even sell for up to 75% off the initial posting price of the ticket.

Q. Are tickets guaranteed?

A. All tickets are 100% guaranteed to be authentic tickets with a money back guarantee.

Q. What if the event is today or early tomorrow?

A. Our network will contact you by phone to arrange delivery options (near the event site) once you purchase the tickets. Make sure to provide a reliable phone number in the checkout process.

Q. Are prices, shipping costs and/or seat quantity negotiable?

A. Ticket prices including shipping and/or local pickup costs and seat quantity are in real time. They cannot be negotiated.

Q. What if I am ordering two or more events?

A. Shipping costs will incur for each order. It cannot be grouped together as these events are coming from different ticket sellers.

Q. Are the seats next to each other?

A. Yes, unless specifically noted otherwise.

Q. Are there special discounts for large groups?

A. Unfortunately no unless otherwise noted. Our network provides a large marketplace of tickets from sellers across the world. It would be impossible for us to establish a discount with multiple sellers.

Q. Are tickets to events that are currently not listed on your website?

A. All inventory available is listed. If an event is not listed, there is no way of obtaining tickets to it.

Q. What are TicketFast Tickets?

A. TicketFast tickets are the newest form of tickets issued by ticketmaster. These tickets are valid and 100% legitimate tickets. Each TicketFast ticket features a unique bar code that is scanned at the gate of the venue.


Q. How does Ticketfast Tickets work?


A. Your TicketFast tickets will be mailed to you. Present your TicketFast ticket(s) at the gate where they will be scanned by the attendant and then you will be admitted. Note that some venues have a special TicketFast gate. Be sure to bring the entire 8 1/2 by 11" sheet with you to the event. Do not cut off any portion of the ticket. Both barcodes are needed to be scanned at the entrance for admission to the event. Do not copy your tickets. The scanners will only allow one entry per unique bar coded ticket. Any additional scans of the same barcode will be denied admittance.